14th Nov 08

Not spent anything so far this week but picked up a few bits at lunch time today.

Throat Lozenges: £1.69

Eye Shadow: £5.75

4 Cereal Bars: £1.84

Crisps: £0.40

Total Spend: £9.68

Budget Remaining: £130.63

There are three weekends remaining and I haven’t got much planned so I’m hoping that £130 should be a doddle.


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10th Nov 08 –

Had a really quiet weekend and went to a Bonfire so my weekend was free free free.

Budget Remaining:


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6th Nov 08 – A small slip up but no major casualty

So this week’s spending has been pretty good so far, had a bit of a slip up by buying lunch on Monday when I’d already brought a homemade lunch from home :

Subway: £3.19 (Meatballs with extra cheese and south west sauce, good but unnecessary)

Budget Remaining: £140.31

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3rd Nov 08 – A Very Productive Start

I’m very pleased with how its gone this weekend, had a really busy one but didn’t spend too much at all.


Gig tickets: £0 (Paid for month’s ago)

Taxis: £10 & £14.50

Drinks: £4.50 (Helped out by the fact that the bar was so busy it was impossible to buy more)


Bus Fare: £2.50

Meal: Free

Gig ticket: Free

CD: Free

Drinks: Free. Hurrah, what a great night for the budget, my friend won a competition so the night was fully paid for.

Total Spending: £31.50

Budget Remaining: £143.50

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29th Oct 08. Back at it for Christmas

I have been very bad indeed with my lack of budget tracking, I can’t believe its been so long since I did this. Luckily my spending hasn’t got too out of control in that time but I know that when I’m not jotting everything down I definately buy a few things here and there that I shouldn’t. So I’m back on track with a new budget and renewed commitment. As punishment I’m allowing myself just £175 for November. Plus I’m going to keep track of my Christmas and Birthday present fund, which is going to be £450 in total. Its frightening to see it in one lump sum like that, especially considering I’m having a budget Christmas this year. Its my boyfriend’s, sister’s and niece’s birthdays in November and December though so they’ll also be included.

So I’ll get back to it from Saturday and it will hopefully help me to keep Christmas on track, especially all those extra nights out that seem to happen.

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Cheap Weekend Spending

Due to the bad falling day of payday it had to be a quiet one this weekend. Managed to keep spending below £10.00 to keep me within monthly budget:

bottle wine – £4.50
stilton – £2.59
sherbert dib dabs – £1.20

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28th July 08 – Too much eating out, bad for hips, bad for the pocket


KFC lunch: £4.49

Dinner (Goats cheese tart and wine): £23

2 drinks: £5.00


Gym shorts: £7.99 (in the sale)

Vest Top: £5.00

Lunch (pizza and Strawberry and mascapone tart): £13

Cinema ticket: £5.00 (Mama Mia, awful film, truly dreadful)


Drinks: £11.00


Budget remaining: £18.56

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